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Auto LPG Dispensing Stations

Auto LPG Dispensing Stations


GoGas is the brand name of our Auto LPG Dispensing Stations supplied and marketed by Confidence Petroleum all over India since year 2008. As the name signifies, you can GO to everyplace by means of GAS as fuel. This is a safer, greener & cleaner solution to the increasing pollution all around. With the ever increasing fuel prices common man today has an opportunity to look at another option as fuel this is an industry with tremendous growth opportunity.

The ever increasing pressure on limited supply of conventional fuel & their ever increasing prices are forcing consumers & vehicle manufacturers to a more reliable, consistent & stable alternative fuel system.

Go Gas Auto LPG Dispensing Stations are carrying out purchase, storage, sale of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations by virtue of License offered by the Chief Controller of Explosives under static & mobile pressure vessels.

Along with Govt. supplier’s private sector has stood at the same edge of PSU’s to serve nation in terms supply of fuel that is much cleaner, efficient & convenient to use.

  • GoGas has instituted 209+ Auto LPG Dispensing Stations spanning PAN India. The team aims to setup 500 stations over the next 5 years
  • Economical: 40-50% cost saving in comparison to petrol.
  • Efficient: Improves engine life and reduces recurring maintenance costs.
  • Easy: Trouble-free conversion of petrol/diesel vehicles to run on GoGas using Auto LPG Dispensing Stations conversion kits.

“A network of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations is the need of the hour.” We have understood & want the world to understand

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