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LPG Bottling & Blending

LPG Bottling & Blending Service

Filling LPG in Cylinders
LPG Bullets installed at LPG bottling Plant

Confidence Group has installed 58 LPG Bottling & Blending plants in 19 states at strategic locations. These LPG Bottling & Blending plants are currently used for major Oil PSUs to cater to the growing demand of LPG with reduced transportation,the direct & indirect savings accumulate. Oil majors Like BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, & Reliance group are presently using this service at various locations across India.

Our LPG Bottling & Blending plants are duly licensed by PESO and this is the reason why all our plants are well secured for all the safety measures. The well blended mixture of LPG is received from the nearby Bulk LPG sources Refineries/ Import Terminal it is then unloaded safely in storage tanks through proper leak proof pipelines. Later this gas is filled in Cylinders. In order to prevent any mishaps of any kind of dangerous explosion, before & after quality checks are done which are the most important criteria in this process. Close check is given for Blow cavity of the valve outlet with air in case any water is observed. Later security cap is fixed on the valve outlet.

This not the end of the process, rather it starts off, then all the cylinders have to go through rigorous Statutory tests & quality checks to assure 100% safety, till the time it reaches to the end consumer.

Quality control checks

  • Weight test
  • Valve test to check any leakage
  • Self closing valve test
  • Inline test
  • Dip test the equipment is used to detect leakage

Confidence Petroleum is the Largest LPG Bottler PAN India. Its operations & plants are located across India.These plants are logistically well situated to cater to the needs of consuming centers. Company owns 58 plants & Company’s upcoming project for LPG Bottling & Blending is 15 approx & in near future Confidence Group aims to reach the pinnacle with its precious 100 LPG Bottling & Blending Plants across the Nation.

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