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Packed LPG Marketing

Packed LPG Marketing

Confidence group is marching towards the new era & adopting innovative ideas time to time this is the reason why it opted & brought ahead its own brand in LPG Packed cylinder section in the year 2012.Revolution & entrepreneurship is seen in every section at Confidence Petroleum.

Range Of Products: Go Gas (Metal Cylinder): 12Kg, 15Kg, 17Kg, 21kg, 33Kg

These cylinders are used majorly for Industrial, Commercial Sector here we are at advantage in terms of weight & Prices as govt. subsidies are not applicable in these sections we provide Gas which is much cleaner & pocket friendly prices. This make us the path leader in commercial & industrial Sector to your astonishment industry wise our cylinders are used in following industries:

Industrial Usage Commercial Usage
Textile Industry Hotels
Automobile Industry Restaurants Hospitals
Heavy load Industries Tea Kiosks
Glass & Ceramics Hotels
Building & Cement Mess
Metal Industry School/college/office canteens
Railway Track Construction
Paper & Printing Industry
Food Processing
Agriculture & Farming Leather Industry
Mining Industry
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Packed LPG Marketing (Composite)

Confidence Petroleum Limited (BSE: 526829; NSE:CONFIPET), India’s largest LPG cylinder manufacturer and one of the largest LPG retailers, has launched the Composite Cylinders in India under the brand ‘GoGas Elite’.

The “GoGas Elite” composite cylinders, ideal for the domestic and commercial use, weigh about 50% lesser than conventional metal cylinders. These are blast-proof and hence, much safer. Moreover, the advanced cylinders enable consumers monitor the gas level at any given point of time, thereby helping them track consumption and replace the cylinders on time, resulting in zero wastage.

“Go Gas Elite has brought the latest world class technology in India for the first time. These cylinders have been certified safe by PESO the explosives department of the government of India. 70 crore people use LPG and given the advantages of composite cylinders, we expect most of the people eventually switching to using them. Composite cylinders are extremely popular in America, Japan, Australia and many European countries and have been in use for many years now. Confidence Group aims to be in every household. We plan to have presence PAN India till 2025 & capture the market positively.

The “GoGas Elite” composite cylinders are available in varying sizes of 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg. These are available through the company’s dealer and distributor network across the country. These cylinders are ideal for households as well as the commercial establishments in HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes) industry.

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