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How can we prevent fire at Hotels, Eateries, Restaurants ( Blast proof Cylinders is need of the hour)

saamier muley

How can we prevent fire at Hotels, Eateries, Restaurants? Every week some or the other city is rocked by the news of cylinders blast, fire in hotel.

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Sometimes I wonder if at all it is safe to enter in to a Hotel or restaurant. What are the lessons from fire at Hotels, Eateries, restaurants which can be taken and made better so that an absolutely safe environment can be created for the customers? How can we ensure that we no more lose any life due to cylinder blast?

Hotels, restaurant, eatery, have high consumption of LPG or other energy. Since the cylinder comes in a fixed size Restaurants or Hotels are forced to store number of cylinder for their daily need. Making each place storing hundreds of kilograms of LPG for their needs.

On the other hand LPG is extremely simple and Safe for operation. It is widely used across India for cooking at Homes & commercial use. But Negligence and carelessness has a cost which a lot of times needs to be paid by life in addition to loss of resources. Can there be steps to prevent Such incidences?

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